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Air Purifier with UV and HEPA 13 LF-2010

Air Purifier with UV and HEPA 13 LF-2010

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Continuous UV-C Air Disinfection

Perfect for schools, businesses and other applications. Low-noise with high CADR, this air purifier uses a HEPA 13 filter to trap viruses, including Covid-19 and then uses UV-C germicidal light to inactivate the RNA of the virus. HEPA 13 filter with 99.95% filter performance for viruses and bacteria.

  • Air Volume (CADR): 380 m³/h
  • Suitable for Room Size 25-45 m²
  • Control panel provides visual report on air quality, Green/Blue/Red, indicating when additional measures may be needed, such as opening a window or door for additional fresh air flow.
  • Machine Size: (W x H x D) 400*720*120mm
  • With remote control and with switch-off timer
  • Simple and ultra-flat – fits harmoniously and unobtrusively into any room
  • UVC Lamp: 254 nm
  • Quiet operation at 35-55 db(A)
  • Wifi connectivity 

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  • Patented multi-fan technology
  • The combination of several windmills, large air intake and large surface are makes the five times the power of conventional air purifiers possible

  • 6-way filter system
  • 6-layer cleaning system for an efficient ­removal of fine dust, formaldehyde, germs, viruses and bacteria. Replaceable filter with a maximum usage of 1500 hours
  • Intelligent sensor technology
  • Automatic air quality detection by a PM1.0 sensor, PM2.5 sensor and temperature and humidity sensors

  • 12 V/8 W Brush-less ­Motor​
  • Quiet, highly efficient, long-lasting with low energy use – enables fast, ­efficient and safe air cleaning with powerful ­air flow
  • Volume in sleep mode: 35 dB
  • Negative ion concentration: More than 3 million
  • Filter network mode: 6 compound filter networks
  • Viruses and bacterial removal: UV-C radiation, 253.7 nm silver ion plus cold catalyst


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